Feature News


October 14th, 2018

  1. The Year-End Membership Meeting will be held on MON, OCT 22 @7:30PM. This is a mandatory meeting for all NRAC Members. The meeting agenda will be: (1) Election of Elders for the 2019/2020 term; (2) Election for 2 members to the 2019 Elder Nomination Committee, (3) Approval of 2019 church financial auditor, and (4) Other items (Responding to our revised Church Bylaws which was drafted according to the District Office’s requirement and was approved by the District Office).
  2. The revised Church Bylaws will be uploaded on church website tomorrow. All NRAC members are welcome to review the document prior to the membership meeting.
  3. The Elder Nomination Committee has nominated David Ma, Billy Wong, Vincent Lo, and David Li to be nominees for Elders election. Church members who wish to nominate other names must submit their nominee’s name to the Elder Nomination Committee no later than ten days before the election date.
  4. In the Year-End Membership Meeting, the nominations for ballot counters and Elder Nomination Committee representatives will be accepted by the Board of Elders prior to the meeting. Nomination forms are available in the main foyer. Please note that the nominator must attend the membership meeting while the nominee will need to be seconded for approval at the meeting.
  5. The Sunday Bible Study Group (Cantonese) will be studying the book of 2 Chronicles Chapter 25-28 @ 5:30PM today.
  6. The Women Bible Study Group (Cantonese) will be studying the book of Habakkuk 1:12-17 on TUES, OCT 16 @9:30AM. All ladies are welcomed.
  7. EM Prayer Meeting – Come join us every WED @8:00PM in the chapel for midweek fellowship and prayer. If you have any prayer requests or praise items, you can submit them at [] or the “Prayer & Missions” section of EM Bulletin Board.